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Glyoxylic acid CAS 298-12-4


Chemical Name: Glyoxylic acid

CAS No.: 298-12-4

Molecular Formula: C2H2O3

Formula Weight: 74.04

Assay: 50%Min

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Products Description

Glyoxylic acid Quick Details

Chemical Name: Glyoxylic acid

CAS No.: 298-12-4

EINECS No.: 206-058-5

Molecular Formula: C2H2O3

Chemical Structure: 

Formula Weight: 74.04

Assay: 50%Min

Other Names: Oxalaldehydic acid,2-oxoethanoic acid ,GA,oxo-acetic acid,Glyoxalate, Glyoxylic acid 50% in water;glyoxylic acid free acid;aldehydoformic acid;alpha-Ketoacetic acid.

Capacity: 5500MT per month.

Sample: available

Applications Summary : Hair dye,hair care product,skin care product

Glyoxylic acid Typical Properties

ItemSpecificationTest Result
AppearanceYellowish transparent liquidConform
Glyoxylic Acid50.0%±0.5%50.18%
Oxalic   Acid≤1.0%0.83%
Nitric    Acid≤0.20%None Detected

Glyoxylic acid Packaging and Shipping

25 kg/plastic drum

250kg/plastic drum

1250 kg/IBC drum

Glyoxylic acid Applications

1.Used as material for methyl vanillin, ethyl vanillin in flavor industry.

2.Used as intermediate for D-hydroxybenzeneglycin, broadspectrum antibiotic, ,acetophenone ,amino acid etc.

3.Used as intermediate of varnish material, dyes, plastic, agrochemical, allantoin and daily-use chemical etc.It is popular in the cosmetic industry,for hair dye;hair care product;skin care product ect.

4.Glyoxylic acid is the material for water purificants,pesticides.It is used as an intermediate of varnish material and dyes.

5.Glyoxylic acid also can be used in the preservation of food,as a crosslinking agent of polymerization and as a plating additive.

Glyoxylic acid storage

1.Keep containers tightly sealed
2.Store in a cool dry ventilated place
3.Store away from oxidants

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