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Products Name:

Polyacrylonitrile pan 150000 CAS 25014-41-9


Assay: MW150000    

Appearance: White powder    

Capacity: 1000MT/YEAR    

Packaging: 25Kg one bag    

Sample: available    

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Products Description

Polyacrylonitrile pan Quick Details

Chemical Name: Polyacrylonitrile pan

CAS No.: 25014-41-9

Molecular weight: 150000

Appearance: White powder

Polyacrylonitrile pan Typical Properties

AppearanceWhite powder
Average particle size30um

What Is Polyacrylonitrile pan?

Polyacrylonitrile is a polymer of acrylonitrile obtained by copolymerization of acrylonitrile, methyl acrylate, and isaconic acid. It is the raw material for nitrile (commonly known as artificial wool). The chemical formula is [CH2=CH-CN]n with a structural average molecular weight of 2.5 x 104 to 8 x 104. It is white powder at room temperature and has a specific gravity of 1.14 to 1.16. The softening point is 267 ° C and the decomposition temperature is 230 ° C. It is almost insoluble in water, fat, weak acid, weak base and general solvent. It is not soluble in body fluids such as saliva and gastric juice, either.

Polyacrylonitrile pan Usage 

1. It is one of the main varieties of synthetic fiber. It is soft, light and warm. It is mostly used for blending with wool or as a wool substitute.

2. It is a high-strength, elastic, oil-resistant and acid-resistant material. Artificial blood vessels made of it have been widely used in clinical practice.

3. Used as packing filler, fireproofing and carbon fiber after weaving

Polyacrylonitrile pan Packaging and Shipping 


Polyacrylonitrile pan Storage

Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place 

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