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The uses of Polyquaternium-7

Jun. 21, 2019

Polyquaternium-7 is a cationic high molecular polymer with strong adsorption, mainly used in skin care products, soaps, shampoo products and so on.

For example

1. It can be used in hair conditioning agent to improve the modification and conditioning of hair to a large extent. After using hair conditioner to wash hair, it can make hair become shiny, soft and easy to comb, so that hair has good hair. Wet, dry combing and anti-tangling.

In the shaping process of the hair styling gel and the styling liquid, it can make the hair have a high slidability, keep the curls firm and not loose, and make the hair have a soft, healthy and lustrous appearance and feel. It is recommended to add about 1 to 5% of the product.

2, used in skin care products, is a very effective smooth and lubricious moisturizing agent, used in water alcohol tanning detergent, can produce a non-sticky, non-greasy smooth residual film on the skin. Shaving cream moisturizing or shower gel, bath products and deodorant. The amount added is about 0.5 to 5%.

3, used in shaving cream, can produce a rich creamy, long-lasting foam, reduce shaving, make the skin soft and smooth.

4, used in foaming agents, can quickly produce a rich, thick, long-lasting foam, smooth skin without any oil film.

5. This product is used in soap and other industries to reduce the swelling of soap substances in water, improve crack resistance and foaming, and thus improve product quality.

6. In the formulation of shampoo products, it has good compatibility with commonly used surfactants such as AES, MES, 6501, OA, BS-12, APG, etc., and does not produce turbidity, precipitation and delamination. It is recommended that the concentration of the product used in the shampoo be 0.5 to 5% or less.

Therefore, Polyquaternium-7 is widely used in skin care products, hair care products, shampoo products, etc., whether it is to improve product quality or enhance product effects, it has a good upgrade. The high quality Polyquaternium-7 should be your first choice. Feel free to contact us to order high quality Polyquaternium-7.

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