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Jun. 10, 2020


Of late, some lawbreakers were spotted by the Company who would pilfer our e-mail address signature and forge our e-mail to send scam, phishing or virus-carrying emails to our clients and relevant staffs.

The aforesaid behaviors are in breach of relevant laws and department stipulations including Criminal Laws of the People’s Republic of China, Law on Public Security Administration Punishments in the People’s Republic of China, Methods on Prevention and Management of Computer Virus and so on. They fall to law-breaching crime.

Pertinent to the situation and in order to defend our lawful rights, our company hereby makes solemn declarations listed below:

1. Our Company never in any case sent such emails as scam, phishing or virus-carrying emails to our clients or relevant staffs.

2.Our company has taken actions to glean relevant documents to be delivered to the police.

3. We kindly request that clients and staffs who receive the email cautiously verify information of email including but not restricted to name, address, transaction information, pictures of the sender. Please contact our business representative for further verification in case of such sensitive information as involving loaning and transaction. You can make feedback or consultation via the following means:

Contact person: Ms. Li

Contact phone: +86-531-88032799

Email address: info@haihangchem.com

4.We would hereby make apology to any trouble or inconvenience arising from the aforesaid behaviors by lawbreakers.

We would solemnly notify lawbreakers to suspend law-breaking behaviors forthwith and to remove the adverse impacts in case that the event further worsens off or cause irreversible consequences.

Our company shall preserve the rights to further look into their lawful obligations. We shall request that law violators undertake all expenses incurred upon us from economic loss or damages of reputation or from ascertaining where the responsibility lies, which include but are not limited to attorney fees, litigation fees, security expenses, execution fees, appraisal fees and so forth.

It is hereby declared as above.   






June 5, 2020 


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