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Barium fluoride CAS 7787-32-8


Assay: 98%min; 99%min;99.5%min    

Appearance: White powder    

Capacity: 2000MT per year    

Packaging: 25kg Plastic woven bag;25kg Kraft paper bag    

Sample: available    

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Products Description

Barium fluoride Details

Chemical Name:Barium fluoride

CAS No.: 7787-32-8

Molecular Formula:BaF2

Molecular Weight: 175.32

Molecular Structure: 

Appearance:White crystalline powder

Barium fluoride Typical Properties

AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Assay % ≥99
Fe2O3 %≤0.02
Sulfate %≤0.3
P %≤0.05
-325mseh %100

Barium fluoride Usage

1. Can be used in enamel preservatives and electronics, instrumentation, metallurgy and other industries.

2. Used for metal heat treatment, manufacturing glass, and used as flux and light blocking agent in glass and enamel.

3. Can be used as window material for lasers such as hydrogen fluoride, deuterium fluoride, and Co.

4. It can be used as window materials or other optical elements of devices such as carbon dioxide and the whole machine.

5. Barium fluoride crystals with slow flicker light suppression filters can be used in nuclear medicine, high energy physics, physical exploration and gamma ray astronomy.

Barium fluoride Packaging and Shipping

25kgplastic bag or 25kg Kraft paper bag ,or as customized package.

Barium fluoride Storage

Clean and cool environment

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