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Taurine CAS 107-35-7


Chemical Name: Taurine
CAS No.: 107-35-7
Molecular Fomula: C2H7NO3S

Molecular weight:125.15

Appearance: White crystalline powder


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Products Description

Taurine Quick Details 

Chemical Name: Taurine
CAS No.: 107-35-7
Molecular Fomula: C2H7NO3S

Chemical Structure:Taurine CAS 107-35-7

Molecular weight:125.15

Appearance: White crystalline powder


Taurine Typical Properties

ItemStandard of JP16Standard of USP38
CharacteristicsA white crystalline powder, odorless
Clarity and color of solutionClear and colorless----------
Chloride0.011% max0.05% max
Sulfate0.010% max0.03%max
Ammonium0.02% max-----------
Heavy metals10 ppm max15ppm max
Iron10ppm max30ppm max
Related substancesMeet to requirement----------
Loss on drying0.20%(105℃, 2 hours) max0.3%(105℃, 3 hours) max
Residue on ignition0.1% max0.3%max
Assay (dried)99.0%~101.0%98.5%~101.5%
Total plate countNMT 100/gNMT 1000/g
MoldNMT 50/gNMT 50/g
YeastNMT 50/gNMT 50/g
Staphylococcus aureusNegative/25gNetative/25g
Related compoundsMeet to requirement0.5% max
Residual solvents-----------Meer to requirement

Taurine Application

1.Taurine supplement

Although taurine is not an amino acid that constitutes a protein, it is widely distributed and is an essential amino acid for human growth. It plays an important role in promoting the growth of important organs such as the brain of children, especially infants and young children.

It is used as a nutritional fortifier ( especially for infants without breastfeeding ).

2.Taurine in energy drinks

It is an important energy additive for sports nutrition foods.

3.Taurine in medicine

It is used to treat diseases such as colds, fever, neuralgia, tonsillitis, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis and drug poisoning.

4.Taurine in other industries

It is used in the detergent industry and in the production of fluorescent whitening agents. It is also used in other organic synthesis and biochemical reagents.

5.Taurine effects

It is a non-selective endogenous agonists of glycine receptor. It is an essential sulfonated amino acid that regulates apoptosis in some cells and participates in many metabolic activities in the body. It is the metabolites of methionine and cysteine.

Taurine Packaging and Shipping

25kgs per drum

Taurine Storage

Product storage requirements: Cool dry place.

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