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New! Photoinitiators 307 research - get them for free (4)

Sep. 28, 2018

Irgacure 307 (1-biphenyl-4-yl-2-methyl-2-morpholin-4-yl-propan-1-one) - a new photoinitiator for replacing traditional 907 Irgacure

In 2011, because Irgacure 907 has reproductive toxicity and developmental toxicity, EU REACH and North American TASCA restrict the use of Irgacure 907 and mark Irgacure 907 as "critical chemicals." The appearance of photoinitiator API 307 replaces traditional Irgacure 907 and is a cost-effective alternative.

Photoinitiator API 307 is a UV-curable, highly efficient photoinitiator with a light yellow or white solid with a slight odor.

Flash point: >145°C

Vapor pressure: 25 ° C, < 0.01 mmHg

Water soluble: slightly soluble in water

Solubility: soluble in common solvents such as N,N-dimethylformamide DMF, tetrahydrofuran THF, dimethyl sulfoxide DMSO, ethyl acetate, acetone, ethanol, methanol.

Molecular structure:New! Photoinitiators 307 research - get them for free (3)

Absorption spectrum

New! Photoinitiators 307 research - get them for free (3)

Application of photoinitiator Irgacure 307

photoinitiator Irgacure 307 can be used in place of conventional Irgacure 907 in combination with a thioxanthone photoinitiator and has a high photoinitiating activity. Mainly used in ink, paint and other colored systems. 2.5% Irgacure 307 is recommended for use with 1.0% ITX and DETX. The optimum amount of Irgacure 307 needs to be determined according to the customer's curing system.

Photoinitiator Irgacure 307 is especially suitable for printing and packaging inks, PCB circuit board inks, all kinds of UV coatings or inks with safe net taste and VOC control requirements.

When API 307 is used in combination with ITX, the photopolymerization initiation activity is 1.0-1.5 higher than that of the corresponding Irgacure 907 system on the 21st order wedge scale standard measurement. This is equivalent to the use of API 307 under the same conditions as Irgacure 907, thus saving raw materials.

Advantages of API 307 compared to Irgacure 907

1. The biological toxicity of API 307 is significantly less than that of Irgacure 907.

2. API 307 is less prone to yellowing than Irgacure 907 and can be used in varnish systems when used alone.

3. Under the same conditions, the API 307 dosage is less than Irgacure 907, saving raw materials.

4. Irgacure 907 is the only alternative to biotoxicity after being restricted by the European Union in 2011.

5. API 307 molecular structure does not contain sulfur, so there is no specific odor of Irgacure 907 after light curing.

6. API 307 molecular structure does not contain benzene, does not cause cancer.

7. API 307 can be used in high-end UV applications where the VOC release is strictly controlled.

Safe operation of Photoinitiator 307

1.Photoinitiator 307 is quite sensitive to visible light and sunlight, and needs to be stored at low temperatures and protected from light.

2.Pay attention to moisture after opening, and keep it in a timely manner.

3.It should be operated under light or infrared light when in use.

4.The product has good storage stability and can be stored for one year under proper storage.

See the photoinitiator 307 COA and TDS for details.

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