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Glutathione: uses and benefits [This is the most comprehensive list]

Apr. 03, 2019

Glutathione seems to be omnipotent and it exists everywhere. For example, in the body of animal plants, baker's yeast, wheat germ, animal liver, animal blood, various vegetables and fruits, and so on.

This article will detail the uses and benefits of glutathione.

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Glutathione benefits for your body

Glutathione can eliminate free radicals in the human body

Excessive free radicals produced by the body's metabolism can damage the biofilm, invade life macromolecules, accelerate the body's aging, and induce tumor or atherosclerosis. Glutathione plays an important role in the biochemical defense system in the human body and has many physiological functions. Its main physiological role is to remove free radicals from the human body, as an important antioxidant in the body, protecting many sulfhydryl groups in proteins and enzymes. The structure of GSH contains a reactive sulfhydryl-SH, which is easily oxidized and dehydrogenated. This specific structure makes it the main free radical scavenger in the body. For example, when a small amount of H2O2 is formed in cells, GSH reduces H2O2 to H2O under the action of glutathione peroxidase, which itself is oxidized to GSSG, which is reduced by glutathione present in liver and red blood cells. Under the action of the enzyme, H is reduced to GSH, and the free radical scavenging reaction in the body can be continued.

Glutathione improves human immunity

Glutathione maintains health and anti-aging and is more effective than young people in slowing cells of the elderly.

Glutathione protects hemoglobin

Glutathione protects hemoglobin from oxidation by hydrogen peroxide, free radicals, and the like. So that it continues to function normally to transport oxygen. Some hemoglobin in red blood cells is oxidized by an oxidant such as hydrogen peroxide, in which ferrous iron is oxidized to ferric iron, which converts hemoglobin into methemoglobin, thereby losing oxygen carrying capacity. Reduced glutathione can be directly combined with an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide to form water and oxidized glutathione, and can also reduce methemoglobin to hemoglobin. The content of glutathione in human red blood cells is very large, which is important for protecting the sulfhydryl groups of proteins on the red blood cell membrane and preventing hemolysis.

Glutathione inhibits ethanol damage to the liver

The glutathione protects the -SH group in the molecule, which facilitates the enzyme activity and restores the active function of the -SH group in the destroyed enzyme molecule, so that the enzyme is reactivated.

Glutathione can detoxify

Glutathione has a strong protective effect against symptoms such as leukopenia caused by radiation and radioactive drugs. Glutathione can combine with toxic compounds, heavy metal ions or carcinogens entering the human body, and promote its excretion to neutralize and detoxify.

Use of glutathione in food

1. added to the surface products, can play a reducing role. Not only shortens the time to make bread to one-half or one-third of the original but also strengthens the nutrition of food and other functions.

2. add it to yogurt and infant food, equivalent to vitamin C, can play a role as a stabilizer.

3. Mix it into the fish cake to prevent the color from deepening.

4. added to meat products and cheese and other foods, with enhanced flavor effect.

Use of glutathione in medicines

Glutathione drug is widely used in clinical practice, in addition to its sulfhydryl group to chelate heavy metals, fluoride, mustard gas, and other toxin poisonings, but also in hepatitis, hemolytic disease and keratitis, cataract and retinal diseases, etc. as a treatment or Adjuvant therapy drugs. In recent years, Japanese scholars have found that glutathione has a function of inhibiting HIV.

The latest research also shows that GSH can correct the imbalance of acetylcholine and cholinesterase, play an anti-allergic effect, prevent skin aging and pigmentation, reduce the formation of melanin, improve the skin's antioxidant capacity and make the skin shine. GSH also has a good effect in treating corneal diseases and improving sexual function.

Glutathione whitening function

Melanin is caused by ultraviolet rays and the like, and the amino acid salt is activated to form tyrosine. At this time, a large amount of melanin is generated, or melanin excretion function is unbalanced, and melanin remains on the skin to form dark spots and freckles.

Principle of whitening

Avoid sun rays that reach the inside of the skin.

Avoid melanin-producing black cells to produce melanin.

The principle of glutathione whitening

Glutathione is effective in reducing the stimulation of melanocytes by ultraviolet light. Prevents the formation of melanin in the body, radically inhibits or reduces melanin, prevents melanin precipitation, and inhibits spots and freckles.

Glutathione is an important antioxidant in the body, it can remove free radicals from the body, net

Improve the human body environment and promote human health. Since reduced glutathione itself is susceptible to oxidation by certain substances, it can protect many of the proteins and enzymes in the body from being in a reduced state. It is important to prevent hemolysis, and it can also protect hemoglobin from hydrogen peroxide, free radicals.

Oxidation so that it continues to function normally in the ability to transport oxygen.

Part of the hemoglobin in the red blood cells is oxidized by an oxidant such as hydrogen peroxide, in which the ferrous iron is oxidized to ferric iron, and the hemoglobin is converted to methemoglobin, thereby losing the oxygen-carrying capacity.

Reducing glutathione can be directly combined with an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide to form water and oxidized glutathione, and can also reduce methemoglobin to hemoglobin.

The above is the use and benefits of glutathione, if you have any other ideas, welcome to contact us!

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