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Indole chemical raw materials introduction-haihang industry Aug. 16, 2019

Indole is a compound in which pyrrole is connected in parallel with benzene. Also known as benzopyrrole.

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Preparation method and use of cellulose acetate Aug. 09, 2019

Cellulose acetate is a thermoplastic resin obtained by esterification of acetic acid as a solvent and acetic anhydride as an acetylating agent under the action...

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Production method and product use of chlorosulfonated polyethylene Aug. 08, 2019

Chlorosulfonated polyethylene is abbreviated as CSP or CSPE or CSM. It is produced by chlorination and chlorosulfonation of low density polyethylene...

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Main use of N,N-dimethylcyclohexylamine Aug. 07, 2019

N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine is a low viscosity, medium active amine catalyst that can be used in a wide range of rigid foams. One of the main applications i...

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Main use and manufacturing method of 2-methylpyridine Jul. 26, 2019

As a raw material for synthetic medicines, dyes and resins, 2-methylpyridine can be used to prepare fertilizer synergists, herbicides, animal repellents, rubbe...

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Main use and manufacturing method of 4-aminophenol Jul. 25, 2019

The main use of 4-aminophenol is as an intermediate for fine chemicals such as medicines and dyes. There are many methods for producing 4-aminophenol, and the...

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