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Danger of benzyl alcohol, fire fighting measures, emergency handling, handling, storage May. 29, 2019

Benzyl alcohol is one of the simplest aromatic alcohols and has certain toxicity, so it is very important to operate safely and store. Therefore, haihang indu...

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Introduction to the physicochemical properties of trypsin May. 23, 2019

Trypsin is a lyophilized preparation obtained by extracting and purifying the obtained crystals from the pancreas of cattle, pigs and sheep.

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Identification and examination of trimebutine maleate May. 22, 2019

Trimebutine maleate is a white crystalline or crystalline powder chemical. The identification and examination of trimebutine maleate is an important thing aft...

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Precautions for the use of tetrahydrothiophene, fire-fighting measures, leakage treatment, operation storage··· May. 16, 2019

Tetrahydrothiophene is mainly used as a deodorant for gas fuels such as city gas and natural gas, and has certain toxicity. Therefore, many matters should be ...

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Application of Glabridin May. 15, 2019

Licorice is one of the most widely used herbs in the world. It can help treat eye diseases, throat infections, stomach ulcers, arthritis and liver diseases in...

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Piperazine use precautions - Haihang Industry May. 10, 2019

The chemical nature of piperazine is that it is exposed to fire and is highly flammable. When the combustion is decomposed, toxic nitrogen oxide gas is releas...

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